Pet Palette Vendor Information

Pet Palette is committed to a true partnership with its vendors to provide one of the best coordinated vendor/customer relationship in the pet industry. This includes providing the best information to our customers in order generate the best possible sales of each of our vendors’ products that we carry. In order to do this, Pet Palette needs to obtain from its vendors comprehensive product information including images and product video files for marketing purposes.

1. For first time vendors, please complete the New Vendor Form
2. For any new products or revisions to existing products, please complete the Product Info Sheet. We understand that many vendors have existing forms and transferring information to our form does take time, but we have several additional forms we need to setup internally and it is important that we can start with one consistent format. Also, it is important that you fill out as much information as possible. Specifically please make sure to fill out both item and packaged information. The packaged info helps us properly place your products in the correct size bins within out pick and pack area. For treat companies, please complete the case pack information.
3. MSRP/MAP – we are committed to the strict enforcing of MSRP/MAP selling requirements from our retailers. Although it is not possible for us to monitor all selling by our customers, we will enforce all MSRP/MAP pricing if violations are brought to our attention.
4. Product images – good product images are very important for the most effective marketing of your products. We encourage vendors to establish their own Dropbox accounts to share images. This is an easy method to share images with approved companies. The following are the preferred list of images:
a. Vendor Logo specifications: Vector Images Are Preferred! (.AI or .EPS) if only bitmap images are available, they should be 300dpi with a resolution no less than 1000 x 1000 (.JPG or .PNG)
b. Print image specifications: 300dpi with a resolution no less than 1000 x 1000 (.JPG or .PNG)
c. Website image specifications: 300ppi with a resolution no less than 500 x 500 (.JPG or .PNG)
d. Website thumbnail specifications: 72ppi with a resolution no less than 150 x 150 (.JPG or .PNG)
5. Product videos – please provide any video files or links to YouTube videos.
6. Product testing – if your products have been independently tested, please provide copies of test results.
7. Product samples: Pet Palette uses a network of sales representatives to assist in the selling of your product. Samples are needed to best promote your products.
8. Promotions: It will also assist in sales, for vendors to participate in various promotions during the year. The following are some suggestions:
a. New product discounts
b. Pre-book specials for new or seasonal products
c. Participation in Pet Palette sales that are promoted several times a year.
d. Information inserts to place in customer shipments and if appropriate based on your products (ex: treats) samples.

New Vendor Form (PDF)

Please download the New Vendor Form using the link below. Print and fill out the form, then send the form back to us via email.

Pet Palette New Vendor Form



Product Info Sheet (XLS)

Please download the Product Information Template using the link below. Fill out the form, then send the form back to us via email.





Product Media

All product images, videos, internet hyperlinks, et cetera, as listed in items #4 and #5, should be submitted by email to the address below. We can accept emails up to 100MB in file size. If your image and/or video submission is too large for email, please provide a web link or dropbox request to the email address below.

Media Submission Email:


Product Testing

All product test results, as listed in item #6, should be submitted by email to the address below.

Product Test Results Email: