About Us

Pet Palette LLC is a one-of-a-kind distributor and wholesaler for the pet product industry. Pet Palette specializes in unique and high-end pet products for mid to high-end pet boutiques.  At Pet Palette, we have selected the best of the best from the US and markets abroad to bring specialty retailers a unique selection of products, many exclusive. Pet Palette is located in Maryland, but ships nationally, providing the service of combining products over several lines to minimize shipping costs.

Pet Palette -  Our Brands Deliver Success


How We Started

Pet Palette was started in 2008 by Bruce Herwald, a Washington D.C. based veterinarian. Dr. Herwald strongly believes in the concept of independent retailers, analogous to his smaller, neighborhood veterinary clinics. He felt there was a general need for an assortment of high quality attractive pet products from smaller manufacturers, several of which were not yet distributed in the U.S.; and thus the creation of Pet Palette. We are continuing to add new and innovative lines on a regular basis in an effort to support the independents with merchandise that is generally not available in the mass market. Pet Palette welcomes your input as successful retailers, and hopes to provide you with the very best pet goods from around the globe, as well as stellar customer service.

Our Brands Deliver Success.