Pet Palette is pleased to offer its customers convenient access to both informational brochures on all the brands of products we distribute and also convenient 24/7 online ordering. Product information via brochures can be found within this website and our online ordering through a separate secure ordering website.
Both are explained below.

Within the Pet Palette Members Area our customers can find a full set of information brochures with details of products from each brand we distribute. This area also includes any seasonal brochures, sales and pre-book information. You will also find other information such as published MAP policies from manufacturers.


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PPO (or Pet Palette Online) is our company's 24/7 online ordering portal. This is a separate site with its own login credentials. These credentials are different than our Members Only Area. PPO has up-to-date inventory levels, order history and many other features! Order from your desktop at any time of the day. You can save your order, log off, and finish later. For new customers registering we will automatically activate an online account for you (be watching for your welcome email). For existing customers, please send us an email request to and we will activate your account.


For any existing customer who does not yet have a PPO account, please send us an email request to info@petpalette and we will activate your account.


Once activated on PPO, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to begin ordering!